TEKK GT-80 UHF/GT-90 VHF – $199

Special Offer – $199 (while supplies last!)


GT Portable Radio


Our entry level portable the new GT Series radios are high power, advanced feature, Mil-Spec type radios at the lowest cost of any comparable unit. Volunteer fire departments and other public safety users will love the 2-tone decode function and scrambling. Schools will love the small size and low, low price. The new Li-Ion battery technology allowed Tekk to make this unit smaller than ever and it is much lighter and thinner than other similar units, almost un-noticed on the belt and feels good in the hand.

  • Priority Scan
  • 2-Tone Decode
  • Battery Save
  • 1800 MAH Li-Ion Battery
  • Rugged Die-Cast Frame
  • Loud Audio
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Superior receiver
  • Slim and easy to hand

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