Access Control Systems

Why Access Control?

Enlight Communications can provide access control/identity management systems which will help provide a safe environment for staff, guests, residents, employees and contractors.

Keys can be copied, and while they have served us well they are a flawed medium of security.

Far better is a formal Access Control System.

Why is it better?

With an access control system you can be in the Know and actually see and who comes and goes, when and where. For example, office people enter a warehouse where inventory is kept.

With Our Access Control Systems You Can:

See who comes in and what time.

Eliminate timecards

Provide temporary access to only defined areas

Run reports

Remotely disable access to all or some access points.

Base access levels and places allowed on job descriptions and workshift schedules.

Use a variety of fobs, cards or even biometric identification methods.

Remotely lock down specific areas or all controlled points.

We can even integrate cameras to respond to denied access requests to prove attempted unauthorized access.

When it comes time to make a decision…

Know that all access control systems are by default custom and unique solutions tailored to a particular building with particular concerns operating in a particular environment and engaged in a particular business.

Knowing this, we’ll design and install your access control system with your needs in mind, asking the right questions and culminating in the perfect access control system to provide your property with state of the art control and security that you can depend on.