Incident! Do you know where your staff is?

Do you know WHERE your staff is?
A primer on in building “GPS”.

In our fast paced world, being aware of where the people you rely on is critical. GPS is a very valuable technology, but not without its shortcomings. GPS works well outdoors, but GPS satellite signals are blocked by structures and become unusable indoors. Our latest two-way radio equipment provides both GPS and Bluetooth which allows us to design and implement a solution that will provide BOTH indoor AND outdoor location services.

When an emergency call is received from a radio, an alert is automatically triggered. Positional information can then be used to provide rapid assistance. Similarly, an alert is triggered when an employee enters an area that is restricted or unrelated to their duties. And after the immediate needs of an incident have been addressed, our solution also provides support for documentation and response improvement. This solution delivers rapid and sustainable improvements in safety and efficiency while reducing overhead – plus adds the ability to audit your field staff and assets.

A positioning and tracking system helps you to get the right resource to the right place at the right time – all fully visible from your office. Indoor Bluetooth beacons combined with GPS enable the real-time tracking, reporting and recording of each person’s location and status. Contact us for more info.