Is my video REALLY good enough?

When it comes down it, why does law enforcement love video? Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let’s face it. There is no better method of assessing a crime than video cameras. Video can both be used to prosecute as well as exonerate. There is simply no better way of find out more about a particular situation.

But there are issues one has to be mindful of when using this technology for security and potential evidence. The trouble is not all video is of evidentiary quality.

The truth is the details of resolution, size, coverage, lighting, sensitivity, and exposure can are just a few things that can and will be called into question should law enforcement need to present your evidence in court.

Some of the questions that come up are that of positive identification. Identification such as items of property, type of property, color of property, off camera swap of materials, inadequate angles, insufficient chain of custody documentation, and poor identification of suspect/vehicle under the conditions of the crime are commonly the issues that come up.

At Enlight Communications, we strive for evidentiary quality video. Using measurement techniques as well as light metering and testing we will not simply supply a “camera”. We will supply a solution to what it is in your particular circumstance to be as certain as possible that any video that is captured has the best chance in court to prove your position with no contest.