Our Services

Enlight Communications provides a wide variety of comprehensive technical and value-added support services designed to maximize the value and usefulness of your new or existing investment in our wireless communication systems and equipment. Aside from providing you with the perfect products you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, we offer the following services:

  • Equipment Installation – We provide complete installation, implementation, and optimization for your wireless communications equipment, including two way radio systems and terminal programming and setup for manufacturers, resellers, and dealers.

  • Repair & Maintenance Service – Available for private two-way radio and wireless data equipment. Also includes battery maintenance, and specialized antenna systems for LMR, AVL, Data, or In-Building Coverage.

  • System Performance Surveys – We can perform a battery of analytical tests on your work environment including frequency searches and usage evaluations. We can also run full RF coverage surveys, RFI interference tests, and various RF system integration services.

  • System Consulting, Management, and Planning – Comprehensive business expertise including client & user training services, as well as FCC licensing, frequency coordination assistance, and regulatory compliance assistance.

  • System Design & Upgrades – From CCTV equipment to Access Control systems, we can optimize your existing system with the latest technological upgrade or design a completely new system that is low-maintenance and affordable.

Most of the above services are included at no or minimal charge when we are the prime vendor–others are fee-based or at an hourly rate. Additionally, Enlight Communications provides comprehensive services including site surveys, system design, engineering, permitting, installation, and certification for in-building communication such as BDA / DAS systems to bring wireless signals into a structure from the outside, amplify those signals with a booster, and evenly distribute the communication signals throughout the entire building.

The experienced technicians at Enlight Communications are dedicated to delivering responsive and cost-effective services to your organization. If you would like to schedule a service visit or if you would like to discuss your telecommunications needs, contact us at 954-472-0300 today.