Two Way Radios & Systems

With all the changes in technology, two way radio is still the most cost effective and durable solution to keeping your staff connected.

From the office to the field wherever your business takes you, we’ll provide a custom designed solution to fit your needs and budget. We even have a client with an office in Sydney Australia who regularly communicates with staff in Florida.


New digital two way radios have opened a new paradigm in communications…

The two way radios of today can provide:

GPS Tracking — Built in modules in many of today’s two way radios allow for tracking when combined with mapping tracking software, so you’ll always be able to locate your asset.

Bluetooth — Many models of today’s two way radios from Kenwood and Hytera offer built in Bluetooth which allows you to use common audio accessories.

Advanced Calling Options:

One to All

One to One

Group to Group

Messaging and email

In-Building Tracking — Using Bluetooth access points and mapping software, it is now possible to provide in building tracking of staff or equipment when using Bluetooth capable radios.

Integration — Would you like to be notified by radio the moment your storage freezer suddenly quits the day before a banquet? Or if an unauthorized party attempts to access your building? We have that covered. Just ask.

Wide Area Coverage

Enlight Communications provides digital two way coverage from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville using our Kenwood Nexedge digital system. Our sites our commercial grade, employ battery backup and are interconnected and roaming equipped. No matter where work takes you, you’ll always have access to the best tower available to provide the best coverage possible 24/7.

Rest Assured:

We provide two way radio equipment from a few select manufacturers. We believe this is the best way to provide our customers with the level of value and performance that our customers need and deserve in a constantly evolving market.


We provide many unique high performance solutions from GPS speaker mics and ear pieces, to noise cancelling water proof audio accessories to make sure your communications are clear, durable and comfortable wherever and whenever you need to use them.

And, when it’s time to make a decision…

Rebates and Trade-Ins:

Give us a call to discuss your needs and once we determine what’s best for your application and budget, We’ll make the rest easy by handling your trade in equipment and applying any applicable rebates from the manufacturer.

We’re here to help. From concept to coverage testing to design, installation and commissioning, rest assured your system will be installed professionally by a company that is both licensed and insured to do so.

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